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Why Cooks Have Fallen In Love With The Instant Pot

Modern life has become more and more stressful. Increasingly both individuals and couples with kids seem to find themselves up against the clock. If it does not work pressures, then it is the demands of family - or an effort to at least try and create some work/life balance. One of the places that can eat up vast amounts of time and effort is the kitchen. This is especially true if one is trying to create delicious, nutritious and healthy meals. The alternative is to fall into the trip of the fast food and takeout lifestyle, a lifestyle that increasing numbers of people are rejecting. There is also the pressure to make the most out of the kitchen space - especially where people are downsizing on their living spaces. But what if there was a kitchen appliance that could cut down on clutter and help the home chef make meals that fulfill every requirement - from delicious variety and an approach that frees them up to simply relax?

The good news is that there is - the Instant Pot. This kitchen appliance has taken not only the United States - but the world by storm - but is the hype justified?

It may very well be. This device is the perfect combination. It acts as a instapot pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice cooker and a yogurt maker in one simple to operate a space-saving unit. To use a kitchen related analogy, the Instant Pot is no flash in the pan. According to the statistics the sales of the Instant Pot have tripled over the last four years. This is a phenomenon that is only gathering steam.

So why is the Instant Pot outselling the traditional pressure cooker. For one thing, there is the fear factor. Very few users of traditional pressure cookers can get over the nagging feeling that there was always the possibility that the appliance could suddenly go rogue and explode in a shower of vegetable soup. However, the latest versions of the Instant Pot have a variety of safety features that make this sort of accident extremely unlikely.

The one-touch button operation of many models make it easy to use - even for the novice, and it acts sort of like a slow cooker in hyperdrive. It will deliver that same great taste - just more quickly. Imagine for a moment preparing a braised lamb shank in just about an hour and a half - with the resultant protein being soft enough to cut with a spoon. For those who want the extra leisure time, the Instant Pot is an essential kitchen appliance.

This is an appliance that will provide succulent dishes in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. The Instant Pot will lock in flavors and provide meals that will have everyone coming back for more it is no wonder that this device has an almost cult like following among those home chefs who want to both simplify their lives while maintaining a reputation for providing delicious meals.