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What is an Instapot and how did it get so popular

Why The Instant Pot Is So Successful

If you had to take a wild at one of the best selling devices in 2018 when Amazon Prime Day rolled around, it's a good bet that you would be thinking along the lines of something electronic, perhaps an e-reader, a smartphone or a high definition TV set. You'd be wrong - up there with the best is a kitchen appliance that is taking the United States by storm - the Instant Pot. This kitchen device sold 300,000 units in 36 hours - and that is on Amazon alone. To give you an idea of just how widespread the Instant Pot is - the Facebook page for this kitchen marvel has over 5.5 million followers.

So why is this kitchen appliance so popular? There are several factors at play. Firstly there is the multi functional nature of the Instant Pot. It takes the best of a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, a rice maker and a yogurt maker and puts them together into a space-saving (and time-saving) device that even the novice home chef will find easy to use. But at the very foundations of its success is the fact that people are today starved for time. In many instances even partners with children will both be holding down a job - this leaves very little time to prepare and serve nutritious home-cooked meals.

However, the Instant Pot makes it easier than ever before to save time and effort and still get a delicious and nutritious meal to the table that everyone will enjoy.

The multifunctional nature of the Instant Pot is just one of the reasons that it has become a great hit. It does more than merely act as a pressure cooker. It can saute food, sear and brown as well. IT can steam vegetables and delicate items such as fish to perfection. As if that was not enough it is fabulous as a rice cooker. Add to this the ability to bake cakes, and you have a kitchen appliance that will simplify the life of any home chef - and save space.

The Instant Pot is a device that can reduce cooking times incredibly. Even tough cuts such as brisket can be transformed to melt in the mouth deliciousness in a matter of hours - whereas using traditional cooking methods these sorts of cuts can take a full day to prepare. As a rule of thumb, the Instant Pot reduces cooking time by about 75%.

Add to this the numerous safety features. For many people, the use of the traditional instapot pressure cooker always came with that little bit of trepidation. Not so with this device.

The ease of use is also a high selling point. The Instant Pot has numerous pre-set programs that make cooking various meals an absolute breeze. Easy access to recipes on the Internet makes getting to know the Instant Pot fun - and the results are spectacular.

This is a kitchen appliance that should have a place in every home.

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